Point of Story Points

*Reader: ughh the obligatory ‘I hate agile, it is useless’ post again..*

Sooooo, it’s been like a year and a half since I have started working in a professional working environment and I have yet to understand what story points stand for.

“It’s not about the time, it is about the effort!” Yeah, I have been warned about this many times already. And as team members, we do not necessarily have to agree on the effort of a story either.

The other day I was trying to load 700k records from a database using a tool called datatables and ajax server-side processing. For the record, I am eager to learn new technologies but my learning curve is kinda pathetic. I am just a junior and I have been hired as a C++ developer. Whatever, I took the task with the hopes of learning something new..

*3 days later*
*Meanwhile, we put cute little dots on post-its..*

“It’s not about the time, it is about the effort!”

“Sooo.. what have we done concerning this task?”
Me: “Well..erm.. I am done with loading the records, I have managed to fix that bug bla bla. But we can’t insert/delete/search yet. But the rest should be easier as I kinda understood how datatables works.”
PM: “*not pleased* hmm.. ok, but we need to finish and deploy it asap. It is a 5-point task, can you add insertion/deletion mechanisms today?”….

Then he begins to creep on my screen every now and then..
I’m sorry, wut?  – _ –

OK, I get it the team gave that task 5 points in the meeting, and I respect that ofc. But instead of a much more experienced team member, if I take that task, it will naturally take much more TIME & EFFORT. Considering every one of us is a unique being, what is the point of story points? Is it merely a tool for managers?